Our Journey

What started as a mastermind group on value investing has become a grand vision.

8 Investment (8I) was established in 2008 by Clive Tan and Ken Chee at the height of the subprime crisis, with one purpose in mind :

“To create a platform to share value investing knowledge and to empower growth through value investing.”

Through its value investing methodology, the Group achieved tremendous growth with its Education, Public and Private Markets Investment teams and have since been listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) since 2014.

In line with its vision of being the one of the reputable Value Investors of Asia, 8I Holdings continues to invest knowledge and resources into existing stakeholders and potential businesses to power their growth through value investing.

8I Business Model

8I Holdings Limited (ASX:8IH) is a public company listed in Australia, primarily engaged in the businesses of investment in public and private markets, fund management and financial education

Our people define us – actions anchored by values, of those that are beyond measure. Our friendships bound by trust, in partnerships that bond beyond business.

Our business thrives on our acumen and relentless pursuit, of the results that matter, at the moments that truly do.

We understand value beyond just numbers, because we believe human potential is what truly defines it.

Our Journey

“The 8I Group is founded upon, and stands by, its mission to provide the right resources to inspire and empower the growth of 100 million lives through Education, Investment and Business.”

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