Our Story & Milestones

What started as a mastermind group on value investing has become a grand vision.

In 2006, eight individuals decided to come together to analyse companies in the stock market using the principles of Value Investing, a concept that was not known to many back then.

Little did they know that the very concept would soon inspire the vision of a company that is set out to change the financial education landscape.

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Our Mission Statement

The 8I Family is founded upon and stands by its mission to

Empower Everyone Towards Sustainable Wealth

We aim to empower the man-on-the-street to create sustainable financial abundance and freedom. With our twin engines driving a synergistic ecosystem that is anchored on technology, education as well as a dedicated community of like-minded individuals, we believe we can enable a smarter, faster and easier investing journey for everyone.

Our Core Values

What we truly
believe in

  • Candidness

    We communicate openly with a positive intent

  • Innovation

    We choose to be better than we were yesterday

  • Grit

    We persevere despite the obstacles

  • Grit

    We persevere despite the obstacles

  • Empathy

    We put ourselves in the other person’s shoes

  • Responsibility

    We live above the Line

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